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Below are a few links giving you access to approx. 40 categories of multimedia sets. At last count over 4200 sounds and images were listed in all.

To Install Sets:

Double-click the downloaded zip file, and extract the archive's contents into the folder of your choice. Installing packets into your Wav Surfer Program directory will provide the easiest access to each category.

When extracting files, be sure that "Use Folder Names" or "Preserve Folder Names" is checked (if your archiving application includes this feature). Files should be extracted into folders according to their category title to provide organized access, and to keep from overwriting existing files with duplicate filenames. If compiled correctly, all zip files should contain a subfolder given the appropriate category title.

For images to be properly displayed, all sounds and images for each category must be stored in the same category folder, and if the original filenames are changed, the image file and the wav file must be named identically, and contain only one period (Example: myfile.jpg and myfile.wav).

    Donald Anders' - FlickPix: Free images from approx. 40 motion pictures. Includes approx. 40 multimedia sets which can be viewed in Wav Surfer Software. Look on the image pages for the multimedia sets.
    CAUTION: Parents, if your kids are downloading from the Children's categories, please monitor their use of this site. Many categories contain adult content such as inappropriate language, violence and some nudity. The rated R movie images are not censored.

    The WAV Wench: Wav Wench carries several of the same categories that can be found at the above link, but will soon be listing some of her own multimedia sets. This site is mature in content. You won't find any children's categories here.

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