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Although Wav Surfer Freeware is capable of playing any WAV file on your hard drive, it is limited in the number of images it can display. Wav Surfer Unlimited allows you to play an unlimited number of downloadable and custom created sounds and images.

Wav Surfer Unlimited Features:

  • Display your own categories created from DVD or videotape.
  • Display your own family photographs and sound recordings.
  • Rename sounds and images to your liking.
  • Includes links to user-created multimedia packets containing compatible sounds and images. At last count over 4200 compatible sound and image files were available for free download.

    Caution Parents: Many available categories are known to contain graphic violence, nudity, and strong language, so please monitor your children when visiting the included links.

Click on the button below to purchase Wav Surfer Unlimited.

Within 12 hours of purchase confirmation, you'll be contacted with information on where to download the program.

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