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There are two ways of navigating through The Wav Surfer. The first (and the easiest) is to utilize the dropdown list located below to jump directly to the category of your choice. You can also manually navigate The Wav Surfer directory structure the same way you'd use Wav Surfer Freeware to navigate the sound file directories on your own hard drive. Whichever method you choose, prepare to stay awhile. With 70MB of sound clips including WAVs, MP3's, and a few other surprises, I think you can keep yourself busy for quite some time.


You'll soon discover, if this is your first visit, that a different approach was taken in designing this site and a number of graphics were used. Much time and effort was taken in reducing each image to minimize load time. Normally, with a 56k connection speed, each page should load in under 15 seconds. But occasionally, due to server maintenance, traffic, etc. you may experience otherwise.

Whats New:

FREE CD-ROM - On many occasions I've been asked to include sound files from many categories currently not available from this site. Fact is, server space and bandwidth aren't free, and I don't have the resources to add any additional categories. To get around this, I've created Wav Surfer Software and a Free CD containing all sound files currently listed on this site, plus an additional 3300 movie sounds and 400 sound effects. CLICK HERE to find out how to get it.

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